ePMP RSSI Values

Im seeing a big difference (about 25dbi) between DL and UL RSSI on one of the ePMP 2000's we have deployed. All of the subscribers have a good DL RSSI but a much lower UL RSSI. Toyed around with some channels and haven't seen any notible improvment. This seems to affect the MCS profile the subscriber will utilize for data transfer but I may be mistaken. Looking for suggestions on where to troubleshoot next.

RSSI (dBm) Downlink / Uplink
The first number is Downlink RSSI and indicates the estimated RSSI that this SM measures for the AP. 
The second number is Uplink RSSI and indicates the RSSI that the AP measures for this SM.

Make sure your TX power and "Subscriber Module Target Receive Level" is set correctly in the AP's radio settings. If that setting is correct, I would then look into downtilt issues.

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