ePMP show specific config or MIB values via SSH


Is there a way to do "config show <parameter>" so only one value is printed out instead of the entire config?
I can currently set values following the MIB tree, but how would one get the current values using the CLI?


You can filter by name, for example:

config show | lan

will show you all parameters with "lan" in the name.

If you need the default IP:

>config show | networkLanDefaultIP

You can press "?" on your keyboard while you're writing to have a live help 

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That's what I wanted from the "config show", thanks for that.
What about elements that don't show in the "config show" for example the "cambiumSTAConnectedAPListTable"?

Hi afanencoo,

Status tables are available via "show sta" and "show ap" commands.