ePMP SM discovery

im having a problem with 80% of my newly upgraded SM's (2.3.4) is being discovered as generic elements.

 i compared the ones that discover ok with the ones that don't but i cant see why it would happen.

anyone had this issue ?



Hi Ahsan

I have moved this question to the ePMP forum so that others can help with the SM discovery issue.


Have the latest 2.3 CND files been installed on your CNS Server?  These will be required in order to CNS to recognize 2.3 ePMP devices.  They also add support for newly added monitoring and configuration parameters.

Be sure to install Hot Fix 1 before installing the 2.3 CND files.


Are you using Wireless Manager? If so, we have some  problems discoverying epmp ,and they are been discoverted as generic devices. We have a open support ticket and they was able to reproduce the case. Has not been resolved yet. Works fine with CNS.