EPMP SM Installation Help For Remote CSR Access?

We currently deploy the PMP100/430/450 line of cambium products which work well for our CSR's to remoetly provision the radios for installers on site via the remote subscriber option on the AP. 

How are people configuring EPMP SM's in the field? We would like to stay away from radius/ppoe configuration. Is there any reasonable way to remotely connect to an SM in the field? UBNT supports using SSH tunnesl on the AP to the default IP of the SM, does EPMP have a similar function?


Hi Timothy.

Yes, ePMP have the option of the SSH under the Configuration > System tab you have the option to select the SSH.

You can access the device through SSH which enables you to login to the radio and troubleshoot.

SSH port is ‘Enabled’ by default.

Harish Krishna

Technical Support Engineer

Spoke with Support and they confirmed you can not ssh through the AP into a factory default SM.

How is everyone deploying these? Are you pre-programming an IP into your SM's?

It would be VERY nice if Cambium replicated the UBNT setup where they have an IP alias on the AP so you can SSH into the AP then SSH into the factory default IP. This allows CSR's to remoetly program radios without the radio having to be prepped for a particular towers IP space.