ePMP SMs broadcasting DHCP Discover when bridged

Anyone else seeing this? We've got a few SMs at each of our tower sites configured for bridge mode and static addresses. Seeing constant DHCP Discover chatter from these radios being dropped by our tower routers. We've verified that this traffic is not being generated below the SM and the MAC addresses matches the management interface of our SMs. 

Not sure if this is happening with any other firmware, all of our radios are on 2.3.3. Is this by design or a bug? 

See attached for more info, I can also provide the actual .PCAP file if needed.


We will take a look to see if we can reproduce this.




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Hi sarnold, 

We were able to reproduce your issue in the following scenario with 2.3.3.

SM is configured in NAT mode and the separate management IP address is enabled with DHCP (while the WLAN IP address is static).  Change the configuration on the SM to bridge mode.  The SM will still send out discover messages for the separate management IP address.  The separate management IP address should have been removed in bridge mode and it was not.

This issue is resolved in 2.3.4.


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We just confirmed that 2.3.4 has resolved the issue. Thanks!