ePMP update error in CNUT

when trying to update the radio epmp using Cnut it displays the following error!

ESN: 000456C39C86;Message: Uploading image to device (SITE= BANDATURBO INTERNET)
02/23/16 15:58:59 INFO       Host:;ESN: 000456C39C86;Message: ActiveVersion: 2.4.3 CurrentVersion: 2.4.3 (SITE= BANDATURBO INTERNET)
02/23/16 15:58:59 WARN       Host:;ESN: 000456C39C86;Message: Failed to upgrade device to 2.6 (SITE= BANDATURBO INTERNET)
02/23/16 15:58:59 INFO       Node: Update Completed.

it happens when he is trying to load the image.
He tries for several minutes until displaying the error!



Please make sure of the following:

- Network Settings (User Account, SNMP Settings) in CNUT are the correct for ePMP product you want to upgrade

- HTTP server in CNUT is running and associated with the correct IP address, if more than one IP address is configured

- An ePMP pkg3 has been added

The following thread may provide some help: http://community.cambiumnetworks.com/t5/ePMP-1000/Need-help-getting-CNUT-to-upgrade-ePMP/td-p/45059/page/2


hello Luiz

I checked all the post that you passed! SNMP Community User and pass!

CNUT this in the same IP range! -

Look mistake of when it tries to update!

thank you

Hello Ramon,

From the log, it looks like something may be preventing the request for the sw from the SM to reach CNUT's HTTP server. Notice in the attached log, that the SM is expected to send a download request to the HTTP server running in CNUT but this is missing from your log. Something could be blocking, dropping or not routing correctly this request from the SM before it reaches CNUT. Can you ping the CNUT PC from the SM?


Already added the SM in select discovery and CNUT recognized without problems!
ping test while trying to upgrade and it was perfect!


Are there any warnings displayed in the SM GUI under the Notifications area (! box)? Have you attempted to reboot the SM before re-attempting the upgrade?


reboot SM has already been done, but it did not!

Detail: I already had the CNUT working previously and the type of problem appeared now, after I updated the CNUT! SM worked smoothly!
The current problem happened with the AP before!

Hello Ramon,

If you can setup remote access via Teamviewer, I could take a look. Please send me the connection information thru PM.


hello Luiz

I did more tests and managed to find the problem!
I had to open CNUT on another server and another separate from that was trying to network!

I had free access to radios and updates ran smoothly!

Thank you very much for your attention.

Ramon Mandelli


Perfeito! Glad you found the issue!


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