ePMP: Upgrading SM Software

Use the SM Software Upgrade page to update the device radio software to take advantage of new software features and improvements.


Please read the Release Notes associated with each software release for special notices, feature updates, resolved software issues, and known software issues. The Release Notes may be accessed at the Cambium Support Center.



Software Version

The current operating software version.  ePMP boards that do not have an onboard GPS have one bank of flash memory which contains a version of software. The version of software last upgraded onto the Flash memory is present on this bank of flash memory. This software will be used by the SM when the SM is rebooted.

Firmware Version

Specifies the code used to boot the board.

Upgrade Options

From URL:  A webserver may be used to retrieve software upgrade packages (downloaded to the device via the webserver).  For example, if a webserver is running at IP address and the software upgrade packages are located in the home directory, an operator may select option From URL and configure the Software Upgrade Source Info field to<software_upgrade_package>

From Local File: Click Browse to select the local file containing the software upgrade package

Select File

Click Browse to select a local file (located on the device accessing the web management interface) for upgrading the device software.

To upgrade the device software, follow this procedure:





Download the software upgrade packages from https://support.cambiumnetworks.com/files/epmp


Clear the cache of the accessing browser


On the device GUI, navigate to Tools => Software Upgrade


Select the SW Upgrade Option which represents the location of your software upgrade packages


Based on the configuration of SW Upgrade Option, enter either the Software Upgrade Source Info or click the Browse button and locate the software package


Click Upgrade


When the upgrade is completed successfully, click the Reset icon