ePMP v2.4 MCS limit not enforced?

Strange.  All radios in question are running v2.4 firmware.

We have a client connection (for this example) that has most downlink communications in mcs9, while uplink is all over the map from mcs1 to mcs15 but mostly mcs1 and mcs11.

Running VOIP over this link the outbound audio is unacceptably garbled.  Another customer with similar situation I locked the SM to MCS11 with the 'Uplink Max Rate' setting, and her phone was subsequently perfect.

Just tried it on a second one, and I'm seeing something I don't understand.

Locked to use no higher than MCS11 uplink, I see 10%-20% traffic on that SM's uplink is taking place in MCS15.  HOW?  Stats reset, it's not a holdover from before the setting was changed.


Hello newkirk,

Looks like the problem is MCS stat reporting on the SM GUI. The SM is showing DL stats as UL stats and viceversa. The MCS selection configuration looks like is working correctly though. I will follow up with our QA team.



Thanks for the quick response.  Yes, that does make sense now that I think on it - the variations in 'downlink' MCS completely stopped after I limited uplink MCS, I just hadn't paid it any attention.

Looks like several small things slipped sideways just before 2.4 final, any hints when some fixes will be available?  (this MCS reporting bug isn't an issue in the real scheme of things, but lacking AP list and bridging table on SMs is really starting to hurt)



We're trying to get a 2.4.1-RCx as a beta load out this week. It has fixes for everything you mentioned. Stay tuned and keep checking back on the forum. 




I'm not sure exactly about timeframe, but I believe a 2.4.1 software load is planned for, and for the most part, intended to address those issues from 2.4.0.