Epmp web UI and SSH tunnels

Hi, there is any currently working way of connecting to multiple Epmp devices trough a SSH tunnel without causing a "Session expired" to all devices every time i log in to another device?

Multiple sessions in multiple browsers (One device per browser) do not cause this problem, but i cannot open more than one device concurrently in the same browser.

Using TAB'd browsing in Chrome works for me. :)

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Not working here...  

In my setup i'm logged in a Mikrotik that's exposed to the internet, and is part of a network where the cambium stuff is.

From putty, i create tunnels, from local port 12380, 12480, 12580.... to remote address,, 

When i try to open a couple tabs in chrome (or any other browser), to and

simultaneously, i get the following message:

Oh, OK, sorry. I misunderstood your question/problem. :slight_smile: I’ll bow out now - I don’t have any help for uoh on this one… good luck though. :slight_smile:

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Mikrotik fixed ARP table randomly switching connections 6.35, try a newer firmware?

I will schedule some time to upgrade that router, but i think it has more to do with the way the Cambium interface interacts with the browser.

I say that because if i have radioA in chrome, radioB in firefox, and radioC in opera, all three sessions keep working just fine.

The problem arises when i try to open two sessions in different tabs of the sabe browser.

ie: If i have radioA in chrome, and B in firefox, all working fine, and try to log in to radioC from firefox, it will kick me out of radios B and C, but A will still be fine running in its chrome tab.