Installed a new EPMP 1000 as a wifi hot spot, Customer has questions re certain devices are unable to see the SSID.



Hi Jim , so everything is working great except a few campers have Samsung phones or tablets and they can’t pick up the Wi-Fi, is there something we need to adjust? Of is this something on their device that they need to look into?

The guys did a great job installing it , they said they would be back soon to install one more panel.

Anyways let me know if they can solve this problem."

Seems that other devices, Laptop we used, apple cells work fine. Anyone else seen this?




Have you upgraded the radios to the latest software version? 

May I know the software version running on the radio please.

Is it an ePMP hotspot radio or ePMP 1000 configured as Standard Wi-Fi?


Vijay Gnanamurtthi

what frequency did you use?    if you used a 5ghz, not all devices can connect to only 5ghz. if thats the case, you may need to install a 2nd hotspot, or switch to the new CNpilot outdoor unit. its dual band.  

please see attached, its 2.4. EPMP AP turned into a hotspot.

Version 2.5.1 r9


Hi trunorthcomm,

It could be issue related to Regulatory.

13 channels is used on your Hotspot.

 A Federal Communications Commission (FCC) document clarifies that only channel 14 is forbidden and furthermore low-power transmitters with low-gain antennas may legally operate in channels 12 and 13. However, channels 12 and 13 are not normally used in order to avoid any potential interference in the adjacent restricted frequency band, 2,483.5–2,500 MHz.

So I can assume that not all vendors support 13 channel in your region.

Try to use other channel to confirm or  refute my hypothesis.

Thank you.

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