epmp with omni antenna

I am cringing just thiking about this question, but we have a farily small area that we would like to cover. Instead of using several  sectors I was wondering if anyone out there has used an omni with any success with a n epmp radio. Any feedback is much appreciated. Thanks

Many of the deployments of ePMP-1000 as WiFi hotspot radios use omnis.  The real concern IMHO would be how 'small 'is the 'small area'?  You're usually talking significantly weaker gain (vs sector), with the signal spread out over 360 degrees making interference avoidance trickier.

You might be able to cover what you need with two 120 degree sectors, you have to judge.  If so, I think the gain and interference concerns would weigh the decision in favor of two sectors.  You'll have an hourglass-shaped optimum signal zone, but the in the 'side lobes' outside the specced pattern you'll still likely get clients connected if they're close.



We are looking to cover an area that is about 2-3 miles away. Hitting the side of a mountain community type of thing. I know I really should start with the epmp 2000 product, but I was also hoping to use  my tower space quite sparingly if I could. Thanks  for the tip.

We have had good luck with 5Ghz omnis both V/H and 45 slant, but 2.4epmp with an omni has been a miserable failure in every market we have tried it.

@Isaac Uban wrote:

2.4epmp with an omni has been a miserable failure in every market we have tried it. 


Hmmm...  Well, maybe that depends on environment, or depends on what you're comparing it to. :)  For us, we have a couple POP's with about a dozen clients - POP's where it doesn't make sense to put up 4 Sync'd AP's and Sectors - and where it's older farms and there isn't likely going to ever be a large growth of clients.  Plus - these clients are spread out over several miles in all directions, and the clients have a mix of tree's and farm land - so 5Ghz is going to have a problem with the trees.

So, we have a couple locations like this - and we were running a ''WiFi type'' of Access Points for the last...   10 years. For us, upgrading to ePMP Cambium AP's 2.4 Ghz with DualPol KP Performance Omnis...  has been night and day difference.  NIGHT AND DAY performance and stability increases.  Night and day improvement in speed.  Improvement in handling 'near / far' clients.

And improvement with Automatic Transmit Power Control - so that the signals on the AP are much better balanced. With ePMP, the signals didn't get too hot when the leaves fell off the trees a few weeks ago, and this week has been 16 inches of snow and freezing rain covering everything with ice - and the clients then turn themselves up as much as they can to get the signals back to -60 (if they can).

So - for us, in our environment, and when comparing to our older 'WiFi type' AP's - Cambium 2.4 Ghz AP's with Omni Antennas have worked wonderfully. 

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I haven't used the ePMP 2.4 with an omni... but using the OEM sector, I've had great results. We've migrated almost 100 PMP-100 SM's over to ePMP, along with using GPS sync between the two system to aid in the migration. We used to use Ubiquiti Airmax M on 2.4GHz as well, and it's amazing what we're able to do with ePMP on 2.4GHz. We have a sector right now with almost 50 SM's on it, quite a few of the SM's have  totally garbage signals/modulation, and the sector just chugs along. Before, with Airmax, we couldn't get more then 20 subs on an AP before it would crap out, along with the garbage clients completely bringing everyone down. We consider 2.4GHz as garbage spectrum, so we use ePMP as it is very low cost and as such a minimal gamble/investment when it comes to putting lower end clients on it. We put all the low tier clients on ePMP 2.4, and then we use PMP450 5GHz or 3.65 for high end clients with more demanding throughput requirements.


im currently using a 5ghz omni in order to migrate about 180 customers over from pmp100 to epmp. got about 90 moved over, have a few hopsites to ease the load and its working very well, our farthest customer is about 2km which isnt too far, got 1 person with a 30 percent uplink but we are moving him to a different Ap today. everyone else is either a 100 percent or 80 percent. Very good speeds and its stable. Colocation is set and gps sync and its lovely. not alot of interference in my area and customers are all around. Im eventually installing a new 200 foot tower in the spring and will be putting 6 Aps on it to really speed everyone up and balance the load. Current tower can only handle the omni so we are making due. We use the KP performance antenna and couldnt be happier.

One of my favorite lines at Wispapalooza was "Friends don't let friends use Omnis". :)

That said, I have 5Ghz omnis deployed for small sites ( < 1 mile max to customers typically), and it works very well.  2.4 Ghz and Omni's mix like oil and water in most cases.