EPMP with omni

I am fixing to install a 2.4GHz AP and want to use a UBNT 10dbi antenna, was curious if there's anything out of the ordinary to do this. Such as use the same antenna connector cables or anything you may have run into to cause problems. I have the mounts to mount the radio to the antenna.

Thanks for your help


They work just fine. If you’ve got the mounting adapter, it’s a clean install just like a rocket would fit on it.

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Yes, the RF Elements EasyBracket for ePMP is awesome and very cheap. We have replaced tons of Rocket M5's on 2' UBNT dishes. Works fine with the UBNT RP-SMA to RP-SMA pigtails, just make sure to push the silicone boots down as tight as you can get them. We've had no problems with it. ePTP mode typically gets us 40-50% more throughput vs UBNT's AirMax mode. I'm done trying to make UBNT radios and their crappy software work in our network.