ePMP with Radius authentication

Hi There,

I hope there’s some radius users here that might be willing to answer a few questions?

I’ve managed to get me ePMP3000 cpe’s to authenticate via Radius but I’ve been unsuccessful to pass a management IP plus Vlan back to the device in a similar fashion as I’m doing for our PMP450 network.

Radius seems to reply with the correct details via Authentication but the CPE seems unable to understand the Radius reply. Is this even possible with the ePMP series?

[ttls] Got tunneled reply code Access-Accept
Framed-IP-Address =
Framed-IP-Netmask =
Cambium-Canopy-Gateway =
Cambium-Canopy-VLIGVID = 20
Cambium-ePMP-ULMB = 800000
Cambium-ePMP-DLMB = 2200000

Thanks in advance,