EPMP100 and Adtran Switch

first deployment with EPMP 1000's,

Problem : EPMP1000's work fine when plugged into laptop, when plugged into switch they work for a few minutes and then become unresponsive to pings. The switchport indicates that the connection is still up.


deploying with an Adtran switch that the customer has been in use for several years and works with all other radios, icluding Ubiquiti/Proxim etc.

Their are no significant settings on the switch port, (no Vlans etc.)

Are there any known issues? etc.


I'm not familiar with Adtran switches but ePMP devices do not seem to have this issues with other switches, as far as I know. It may be helpful to use the tcpdump utility in the ePMP device (SSH to the radio and at the CLI invoke the tcpdump command (e.g. tcpdump dump "-i eth0") to capture incoming/outgoing traffic on the Ethernet port.

Please refer to the CLI manual here for more information.