EPMP1000 2.4 units only accessible when set to https

Hi, This is a weird problem.  I have 3 or 4 2.4 ePMP1000 units that work completely normally when connected via the wired interface.  However, I cannot connect to them wirelessly (404 not found errors) unless they are set to https in the system config.  I've upgraded firmware to the 3.2.2 with no change.  It's only a few that exhibit this issue.  I have no idea how to diagnose it.  Any help is appreciated.



I would like to propose you to upgrade to the latest Software version 3.5 and check Management Access option on Configuration -> Network page. Ethernet and Wireless option should be switched on.
Another possible reason can be firewalls configuration in your network in case http works well.

Thank you.


Thanks for the reply.  I've done the software upgrade.  the closest thing to Management Access option that I can find is Separate Wireless Management Interface.  Is that what you mean?  I always set this up.  The strange thing is that most radios work, but a few have to be set to https mode for me to be able to access them.  The default IP works on the wired network (, but not the LAN IP or the Wireless management IP I set.  Unless I set to https.  I can't see any difference in setup between one that works and one that doesn't and I've had it happen with 2.4 and 5 gig units.

Please find image attached below.
That's option I meant.

ePMP 1000 has different options, I guess:

Doh - sorry, I see the option for the AP.  I have it set to ethernet, but the problem is with random subscribers on different APs.  And I can get access to all the units, it's just that some have to be set to https.  I get a not found error if access is set to http.