ePMP1000/2000 AP not allowing Force 300 SM

Why can’t I chose a Force 300 SM on a ePMP1000/2000 AP? Cambium has certified that this setup will work and I have this setup live in the field.


We need to implement a new capacity algorithm to support 11n -> 11ac and we haven’t built this into LINKPlanner yet. Unfortunately we don’t currently have a date when this will be available.



And this is why I am upgrading my APs. The new f300s dont work kn the N based APs, that said I am using the old APs to build out micro pops and lower speed backhauls so they dont go to waste.

change your frame size to 5ms, and the old APs work fine…we have them on many 1000 and 2000 APs

They connect but they have issues of justvdropping off. hoping that the 4.6 firmware fixes this