ePMP1000 5.8 PTP sync??

We recently ordered a set of the Force110 'High Performance'.

My impression of the product in advance (formed from the sparse information I was able to glean from WinnCom's description, Cambium site, etc) was that it was the Force110 dishes with the ePMP 5.8 AP radios, but omitting the GPS antenna.

So when the gear arrives, the radios INCLUDE GPS antennas.  Great, so we don't need to inject sync via power cable.

Except it seems that for the PTP radios you've disabled the ability to sync.

Really??  Why would we NOT want to sync these backhauls??  How quickly will we cause trouble putting a full circle of ePMP APs on a tower and 3-4 of these links??  And if you're going to prevent them receiving sync then what are the GPS antennas included for??

Seriously, this is stupid.  I understand that you don't want customers to try stretching their budget by using these radios as APs.  (even though they ARE APs, in AP boxes, with pointless GPS antennas, with extra labels covering the AP-specific info)

But is REALLY seems like the more appropriate method to achieve that (and less irritating/offensive to your users) would be to adminstratively limit these radios to only work for a single client (you know, the actual 'PTP' settings in the UI?) rather than disabling a feature we really need, like SYNC.



eForce110 is now available GPS sync capability :) .  Release 2.4.2 enables GPS Synchronization capability and support for up to 10 SMs on Force 110 PTP radios.The Force 110 PTP radio includes the following model number:

Model Number                            Description
C058900B052A ePMP Force 110 PTP - High Performance PTP Radio (FCC)
C050900B053A ePMP Force 110 PTP - High Performance PTP Radio (EU)
C050900B051A ePMP Force 110 PTP - High Performance PTP Radio (ROW)