ePMP1000 adapter on ePMP2000 antenna

Quick question, is the plastic adapter for the ePMP1000 radio for the back of the 2000 antenna for sale individualy?  Or does it only come with the antenna it self?

I assume you're talking about the new 90/120deg sector antenna Cambium PN: C050900D021A?

I do not believe the plastic adapter is available separately. I've hunted around on Winncom and on Google and can't find it, and I think you're the first person to ask in the forum IIRC.

Are you talking about something like one of these?




No I am talking about the adapter that mounts the 1000 to the back of the 2000 sector. some of my tower crew misplaced them and we need some replacements

I think these are what he is talking about.