epmp1000 AP ignores frame duration?


I have set in an EPMP1000+GPS AP the frame duration at 5 ms

I have monitored the time-domain signal and the frame duration appears to be next to 2.5ms (not exact at all).

Is is a software bug or does AP ignores frame duration? (the frame is in flexible mode) and FW version 3.5.6



Hi! Flexible mode is called that way by a reason. Frame size is dynamic in this case.

Frame size setting 2.5ms/5ms is applicable only for fixed ratio modes. This is why only those modes give you frequency reuse with GPS.


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ok, then this parameter (2.5/5) should be grayed if flexible is selected. thanks for the clarification.



Really Dmitry? Is that accurate? I had asked about this previously, and I was told that flexible still had a 'frame’, but the flexible part was that they would use whatever they needed for upload and download percentages dynamically. So I was told there was still a scheduler, and that the frame durations we’re still schedule, just that the flexibility and dynamic nature was in the upload download ratio. And that resulted in obviously no frequency reuse, because things would bump into each other, and resulted in lower latency, because nothing has to wait around for the next frame before it does its work.

But if I understand you correctly, you’re saying that the flexible is actually the frame duration is flexible? So you are saying that a flexible frame might be 3.2 or 1.4 or whatever frame size it needs to be?

It depends how you look at the problem. Frame is divided between DL and UL portion of it. With flexible DL and UL portion can be as short as hundreds us or as long as couple ms depending on the load.

It makes sense to grey out frame size settings. It was this way from the very beginning of ePMP so we were trying to avoid confusion.