epmp1000 APmode no access via http and ssh


I'm having trouble connecting to an AP.
ping and does not respond, which are default!

LED images are attached.

Apparently this caught!

Thank you

The ip range are different. you have to set them under the same range

Hi Ramon,

Do you know what FW version is installed on ePMp device?

Please try which was default for the oldest vesions of ePMP FW.

Then try to reset to default via hardware button and try to ping all listed IP addresses again.

Thank you.

hi Fedor,

The FW version is 2.6.2, it was already updated!

Already tested with the default IP studies. And the reset button does not work!

Simply this locked!

thank you

You should press reset button and wait for 5-10 seconds.
After that all LEDs should blink one time - it means reset was performed.
Please try it one more time.

Otherwise I'm afraid you have some hardware issue with Ethernet Port or cable.

Thank you.

Ok, I'll try again

Thank you