ePMP1000 Backhaul for Mesh - Loops!


Looking for some advise on our first Cambium deployment.  

We have 13 E500s installed across a Holiday Park, AP1 is a mesh root, fed via fibre link to core switch.

We have installed an E2000 GPS Sector , also fibre fed and wired back to core switch.

AP9 , AP11 and AP13 all have a Force200 backhaul to the Sector.

Using just AP1 as the Mesh root with the sector disabled the network is coming up , but in multiple hops as you would expect.

However as soon as I enable the Sector to provide the additional egress points , the whole network goes to pot. 

Each AP is running Mesh Base, Mesh Client and Guest SSID.

Im guessing I need to enable RSTP somewhere to deal with the mesh links, but I am unsure where I would do this as I dont want to shutdown the backhauls, or the sector, just any rogue inter-ap links.I cant actually work out where I am getting loops from, as each AP can surely only connect back to one AP.  

If I disable AP1, and enable the sector with its 3 subscribers nothing much happens - in most cases the APS behind the Force200 dont even come online so it would appear that its the setup of the ePMP2000 that maybe needs to be tweaked.

Any pointers gratefully received, as the mesh guide doesnt cater for multiple egress points on the same SSID..

I'm having a difficult time picturing your network.... in situations like like this, a network diagram says a thousand words... but when it comes down to it, you need to choose one or the other... mesh AP's, or BH to AP's... but don't do both... you're asking for trouble. I'm not saying you have to use only one or another... just make sure that each AP uses either method to get to the gateway.

Thanks ; i've removed mesh-client from the mesh bases and the system is now working.  However, from the limited information I could find, there is an option on the mesh-base to detect backhaul and I assumed this disabled the mesh-client.

System is working, but it's a shame that if one of the base AP's loses its backhaul it won't join the mesh as a client like the Ruckus do.

If I were you I'd start a new thread in the cnPilot E Series Enterprise APs section of the forum and ask questions regarding the detect backhaul feature. You're more likely to get a faster response from someone that's used this feature and/or Cambium support.