ePMP1000 - ethernet not detected


I have an old ePMP1000 unit, which I cannot access locally as the ethernet port is not being detected by my pc/laptop.

LED indicators lit only for the POWER LED and none for the remaining LED indicators.

Tried to reset using the RESET button inside the unit.. and did not get any response.

Tried to reset using the POWER CYCLE method and still did not get any response.

Is there any other way to fix this issue...

Thanks in advance....


Can you try manually setting either 10mbps or 100mbps on the laptop? Have you tried using it with a switch?

Hi Eric,

Just tested, none works for the options you have mentioned. Still getting no response from the eth port, even when plugged into the AUX port for data access...

Thanks anyway...



We had this exact same issue with a 1000i last summer. Cambium told us to send it in but we did not get around to doing so.