ePMP1000 + Force180 & Force200, 6 Km, With Non Line of Sight, Field test.

This test had two objectives:

1. Show to an operator in Peru that the ePMP platform is capable of providing links with a minimum of 2 Mbps. downlink/1 Mbps. uplink in two scenarios, first one with Near-Line of Sight and the second one with Non-Line of Sight at 6 kilometers away.

2. Verify the accuracy of LinkPlanner.

This test also included PTP450i and PTP650. If you are curious, require more information or have any question, be free to contact me.

The worst case with Non Line of Sight:

Calculation Force180.Calculation Force200.Path Survey.Real Line of Sight from site.Status Force180 & Force200RSSI Force180 & Force200Link Test Force180 & Force200Ping from Force180 & Force200Access Point SM Link StatusA beautiful landscape of that day.