ePMP1000 Integrated CPE number of available channels

Hey Team,

I have several epmp 1000 intergated radios, However, i recently realised some have 207 channels while others have i have 196 channels.

What can I do to the radios that the frequency ends at 5865 to go all the way to 5900?

Radios are using 3.5 firmware. Country is set to Other Alt1

Noted attached screen shot

Hello Btech,

Availability of the 5.9GHz channels depends on the calibration that was done on the units at the factory. Support of the 5.9GHz band was introduced some time after the initial production of ePMP1000 devices was started, so some ROW units may not be calibrated to support that band.

You can check if the device was calibrated for 5.9GHz band using SNMP, as shown below.

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