EPMP1000 Mir config.

hi, we  have  a AP with 2 sm registered. distance 300m, angle 45° from AP, no interference. software 2.6.1 registered to Cnmaestro. 

problem: in maestro speed is counted in kilobits ,witch is very low, and ping from antena to another is 1ms, customer experience voip lag, slow internet.  speedtest in antenna is very different from maestro. why?

we look in the manual that, we can add a MiR user,  what this user do ? is this called fixed MiR?



If you want to address any VoIP lag, I would recommend enabling QoS in both AP and SM, to prioritize voice traffic over other traffic. ePMP supports the usual VoIP classifications (DHCP of 46 and CoS (Cost of Service) of 5) by default, but if your network is using different configuration to classify voice traffic, you will need to create your own rule.

If the overall service is slow, you may need to make sure there is no interference in the channels you are using, which can be affecting the quality of the communication between the devices..

You should also make sure that your core network connection is capable to sustain the service level that you expect.

The MIR feature allows you to create data rate limits for different users (SMs). It is used to implement different levels of service, limiting the data rate of the user to what they are paying for.

The Wireless Link Test in the AP/SM is a unidirectional bandwidth test that only includes the radio interface. It is intended to demostrate the capacity of the radio channel. It is instantaneous and of short duration. The data rate stats in cnMaestro are average data rates calculated within a period of time, as reported by the devices.


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