ePMP1000 only negociates at 10Mbps,Fix available if cisco switch connected below.

Issue Brief:-
ePMP1000 negociates at 10Mbps only when connecting to cisco switch.

Problem Root Cause:-
POE enabled cisco switchport causes issue.

In order to resolve this please fix duplex/speed on both radio and switchport,use 100Mbps capable POE,use 100Mbps capable Ethernet cables and disable the power on switchport via interface command "power inline never".

Deepesh Chandra Sharma.
Technical Specialist-L3 Networks.
Cisco Certified Network Professional.
Cambium Certified over PMP/PTP/ePMP.

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Yes this is correct, before i red this message, we already encountered this problem and corrected it by this same procedure. On our case, it was a problem with managed layer 2 switch.