ePMP1000 Radio with Sync, failed firmware update

Hi , I've a Radio In this model, and I'm trying to update the firmware 2.6.2 FOR HE came with 1.1.7 , however it IS A returning me Error Message : "error: Writer flash failed"

I need help, thanks

You'll need to update to a middle version before you can hit 2.6.2 - something between 2.4.x and 2.6.



Please update to 2.6 first.


"ePMP radios running System Release 2.1 or earlier cannot be directly upgraded to System Release 2.6.1 or later. Please upgrade to System Release 2.6 first, then upgrade to System Release 2.6.1 or later. Stepping through System Release 2.6 is not required if the ePMP radio is running System Release 2.2 or later."


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Thank you very much, it was of great help both contributions!