Epmp1000 repair Pic or Manual.

Hello folks.

I hope some body could give me a hand.

After a severe rainy season down here in COlombia , we eneded up having 4 or 5 epmp1000 radios with different issues (Some won't power up at all, others have the main ethernet broken, and one of them responds pings but won't allow me to ingress to configure it), I was wondering if there is any kind of repair manual , or procedure or pictures showing what diodes, resistances or any other part on the PCB. 

(I have some conectorized model, integrated force 180, and one integrated epmp1000)

Thaks a lot in advance.


Hello Dimas,

For the units that won't power up at all, are they ePMP1000 Connectorized units? Could you verify the LED lens  is still intact and  did not allow water to get into the unit? Some Connectorized units had a manufacturing issue with this lens (http://community.cambiumnetworks.com/t5/ePMP-2000-and-1000/Connectorized-ePMP-case-design-problem/m-p/36320#M632 ). 

 I would suggest opening a ticket with Cambium support and possibly taking pics of the units.


Thanks for the advice, I'll check that up and contact cambium.

You were right, we checked on the conectorized units and all seem to have the same issue, all of them went out after heavy rain on different dates and we blamed it on lightning ESD, These  labels look like they don't seal the holes completly, I'm attaching pictures.

Yeah - we smear some clear silicon ever each Connectorized radio when we're configuring them in the shop.

Hello Dimas,

Because this was a known manufacturing defect in some units, I would recommend you open a ticket with Cambium support, if you have not done so already, and refer to this posting.