ePMP1000 SNMP query problem when DMZ is on


Anyone have solution for SNMP query when DMZ turned on over sw version 3.x?  on 2.6 we  can make  a portforward to 161 udp to the local ip of the unit, and it was working, but over 3.x the web portal do no allow port forward of 161.

We cannot use CNS anymore for this reason.


Hi Robert, Can you please share your SM config file with me, so I can check your issue on my setup? You can get it under Tools - Backup / Restore - Backup Configuration on device GUI. You can send it to me with private message or on my email artem.grabenko@cambiumnetworks.com . Is there any additional config on host connected to SM required? Thank you, Artem.

Hi  I am having the exact same issue. If you use DMZ you cannot SNMP probe the SM. I also cant set port forward as mentioned above.