ePMP1000 Wireless MAC Filter List

Hello everyone,

we are using the Wireless MAC Filter List to allow stations to connect to the APs but everytime we need to add a new MAC Address to the list all the stations are disconecting and couple of minutes later are reconecting creating a service disconection for the customers.

Well, we know that it works like this and that it was like this since the beggining but since we have a lot of stations and some very important customers to the APs it starts to be a problem, and mostly for the business customers. So, is there any way to modify the Wireless MAC Filter List without disconnecting all the stations?

P.S. Long time ago Ubiquiti had the same issue but then they were able to solve it.

Hi vmiskos,

Thank you for your feedback.

Today for every parameter used by Wireless Driver we should perform Driver restart to be applied after configuration was saved.

We will investigate that issue again and will let you know what can be done.

Thank you.

Hi, after 1 year I am here again asking the same question. We have a huge problem everytime we need to install a new customer in the MAC Filter List, all the customers disconnect and reconnect causing a service interuption which is a huge problem for the business customers with important public services running in their network. 

We really need a solution! If Ubiquiti was able to solve that problem I am sure you can solve it as well.

Please take this very seriously. 


We have changed logic slightly.

You can edit description and it doesn't cause wireless driver restart.

Unfortunately to change logic not to restart driver when new entries are added in the Wireless MAC Filter table is not trivial task. We have added this task into ToDo list and will reer back to it as soon as we will have time for it's implementation.

Thnak you.

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Thank you for the update.I hope it will be soon. 


I’m running into the same problem as everytime I need to adjust MAC_ACL I run into having to interrupt the service for all connected SM’s.

Is there any way to avoid having this issue.