ePMP1000 with Force110 has worse power level!

AP 90-degree sector:  ePMP 1000 GPS on a 300 foot tower running at 5705

SM: ePMP 1000:  Rx power -78/-79

ePMP Force110: Rxpower level -83

Distance: 5 Miles

Why is the performance worse on the Force 110?

I thought it would be better. How else can we get better distance prformance?

Quick clarification question:  are the signal levels you quoted the uplink or downlink signal?  (reported at AP or at SM)


on the Subscriber home (subscriber side, NOT tower side)


It is possible that your dish is not appropriately aligned. Our current beta 2.4.0 firmware includes the eAlign feature which should help you with alignment, by displaying the received signal strength seen by the SM at the GUI for both RF ports and faster.



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My first thought is this link may not be LOS.  Second would be alignment.

I'm very happy with the force110 5 GHz antenna.  I've got 7 mile shots doing -60s.


We can see the tower from house, bu there are 2 trees which we are skimming the top of. I can't believe that the signal is so weak.


Those trees are possibly in the Fresnel zone, and if so, they are an obstruction and will interfere with the signal.



I have found long distance high gain dish is better

smashing through tree's, often lower gain is better, think wide beam can bounce better off obsturctions.

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