ePMP2000 4.5.4 UL RSSI problem

We have upgraded a few e2k APs and their clients to 4.5.4 and experience problems with UL RSSI. We had this issue with 4.5, we started using 4.5.4RC7-16 and did not experience this. Now with 4.5.4 the issue came back.
Anyone else having this?

We have e3k APs and clients on 4.5.4 and we are seeing the same thing since upgrading… do yours stay solid in those UL rsssi? Ours seem to be going up and down.

Have you sent a ticket to Cambium? Definitely should?


Could you please send Tech Support files from AP and one of SMs to me please when the issue is introduced?

Thank you.

I just had cambium recommend changing power control settings because I had clients dropping with what looked like great connections. This could be a Power Control problem where the AP tells the SM to lower power too far. I was told to set the target SM value to -45, but I used -50 (instead of -60 default) because I have sectors with shared freq and didn’t want to inflict them with self induced interference. This is an AP setting. This recommendation seems to help.

We saw a similar issue with a very small setup we had in our network. A Force200 in AP mode serves two SMs. We saw a significant negative impact from the upgrade. Our solution was to roll back the firmware, and the system is back and running fine…