ePMP2000 AP disconnecting SMs

I have several Force 200s connected to an ePMP2000 that are getting this error on the syslog

dnsmasq-dhcp[3093]: no address range available for DHCP request via mgmt

The Force 180s have this error

Not received PONG for the last ping

They all have the 3.1 firmware. Do I need to downgrade? We just installed this ePMP2000 with the 3.1 firmware, and have had issues with the SMs dropping off every few seconds.

We have 2 other ePMP1000 APs on the same tower that are not having these issues with the same 3.1 firmware.

Some detail might be pertinent - what channel, is it re-used, is SpecAnal clear on that channel, how many clients, is their SNR, RSSI, and modulation stable, etc.

All that being said, we've had a handful of customers who look better on the ePMP2000 sector that keep hopping to the ePMP1000 it overlays, but most clients registered to it stay there, SMs and ePMP2000AP (and ePMP1000APs) all running 3.1 firmware.

Finally, I notice that the release notes for ePMP firmware 3.2 (released today) indicate it attempts to address a problem with "SM disconnects in high subscriber-count deployments"...


I have 31 customers on this AP. Is this considered high? I downgraded the firmware to 3.0.1 and all the customers have stayed connected for 30 minutes now.

The SMs started dropping off again, so I upgraded the AP to 3.2. Hope this resolves the issue.

I'm curious (and hopeful) - did V3.2 firmware end the problem?


It helped some. Most have stayed connected since the upgrade. About a handful disconnected and reconnected Sunday. And one disconnected and reconnected this morning.

Hi, You solved this problem? I have same problem with ePMP2000 and 3.5 Fw...

I haven't noticed them dropping connections since I upgraded the firware to 3.2.2.