ePMP2000 Ethernet port stops

Hello, multiple ePMP2000 units face Ethernet port freezing issue same time at multiple sites and restores after power cycle reboot.

The ETH port configuration is set as Manual 100Mbps/Full both in the ePMP2000 unit and the connecting device port.

Any solution, will be helpful.

Try disabling ethernet smart speed. This has made a world of difference for ours!

All of them are already set to Manual 100Mb/Full so no option of smart speed available.
Multiple units affected one by one. We are trying out FW upgrade of the SMs if that helps.

Which FW are you running now? Which surge suppressors are you using? How often does it happen?

ePMP2000 runs on FW Ver 4.6.2
No Surge Suppressor used.
It happens frequently, couple of times in month.

smart speed is not tied to the actual port speed or only available with automatic speed setting, it is a power state technology that reduces ethernet transmit power levels to keep the speed of the link stable but use the least amount of power to do so. Both devices MUST have nearly identical implementations of this feature to work properly.

try setting to disable first and monitor the results.

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