ePMP2000 Ping/SNMP Issue

We have a brand new ePMP 2000 sector that we installed that is running firmware 3.2 and we can access it via the web GUI just find, but it won't respond to SNMP polling or even simple pings even though we have the SNMP enabled and setup correctly just as we have in our other ePMP 1000 sectors.  Any ideas?

Could you please let me know what is the SNMP Server your are using ?

Since when you are facin g this issue ?

Did you face the same issue in previous versions as well ???

I have tried using SNMP v1 and v2 and the same issues.  Won't even respond to pings from Windows Command prompt.  This is our first ePMP 2000 radio.  It did ping and poll for about 2 hours after we first put it up and then it all stopped and haven't been able to get it to start again and have upgraded software to current and changed IPs and rebooted but no change.