epmp2000 sector antenna

Just received my first ePMP 2000 sector antenna, and I am excited to get this out in the wild. I was putting on the top bracket and noticed that the holes don't line up with the pre installed screws attacthed to the sector. Is this a common issue or and I just a lucky guy that got this? perhaps I am missing something in the manual. Any thoughts out there? I figured I would check before I start drilling the hole a bit larger. Oh, and one more thing. Is the radio supposed to come with the connector cables that connect the radio to the sector or are those sold separately? Thanks

I've only deployed two of those sector antennas so far, but had flawless assembly, no alignment issues at all.


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Are you trying to put the sector bracket on the smart antenna bolts? Those bolts are closer together than the sector bracket bolts.

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No, I am definitely using the proper bolts. It is literally off by a mm or two at the most, but it won't go on the bracket