ePMP2000 - SM stays connected but no throughput

Hi All

I have a strange problem where a newly installed 2000 seems to drop all data after a few hours without actually disconnecting the SM. So in a quick glance it all appears fine but when trying to access the remote SM or network there is simply no data flow (as I then figured out via cnMaestro, see attached).

What makes it even stranger is that this is happening on 2 sectors at the exact same time (we have 3 sectors on this paricular mast and only the 2 sectors are displaying this weird behaviour).

I've reloaded the latest firmware but it doesn't seem to have made any difference.

Any ideas?



Just picked up another 3 sectors that are doing the same thing (did quite a few upgrades over the weekend). Firware was latest, version 4.5

Unless you have to run 4.x firmware on your 2000AP's I would go back to 3.5.6.  I wish I could...

The whole 4.x firmware series is a raging trash fire.

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Ah great, wish they put that in the release notes. As far as I'm aware I don't have to run 4.5 so I'll just revert back to a previous version.

Ok so a few years down the line and I thought I’d give the latest version a try, 4.6.2, but it turns out I’m still having the same issue. Is there really no way to use the latest firmware? Is this something that’s limited to the 2000?



We skipped the e2k APs (testing them did not show any real improvement for us vs the cost)

We did notice a huge stability improvement on the SMs once we upgraded to 4.6.1.
We did try 4.6.2 but found issues in the f180 and f200 radios with data streams just stopping and f300 and e3kL radios with random reboots.

We are currently field testing 4.7-rc15 with good results except for specific L2 traffic (lacp) not being passed in bridge mode.