epmp2000 Strange behavior (Slooooooooow)

I see, I am a magnet now, it's just happening to me all the time. Ok, now what I get from a freshly installed epmp2000 - is a very slow responce. Very. Veeeery slow. 

Ping is 10-30 ms all the way.

The web interface is just trying to load, but with blank screen.

SSH stucks on every command for.. like up to 10 seconds. 

V 4.4.2

Tried :

config reset

With same luck.

Any suggestions?

UPD! It took 5 mins to load the Web  GUI, and then it started to act decently. But again, after changing IP it is waiting to load the gui..

Managed to load the GUI and upgrade to 4.4.3, and it is worse. Even agter 20 mins browser is trying to load the GUI