Epmp2000 total frame used

I have 100% total frame used with only 30 clients and 40Mb

Is normal?????

Another Ap with 60 clients the same, 100% total frame used and 40/45Mb

Frame use is directly correlated to mcs rates. You probably have a bunch of low rates dragging down the performance of the sector. Improve those and your usage will improve

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Wouldn't the user's usage habits also contribute to this ? Even if you have perfect MCS rates if you are offering 40Mbps then wouldn't 5 users pulling down their full 40Mbps at the same time (even if the other 25 customers are idle) max out the AP's bandwidth and therefor the frames ?  Would be the same with 10 users using 1/2 their 40Mbps, or 20 using 10Mbps.

 Seems you would need to see the bandwidth usage in next to the frame usage to know if you have to many users with poor connections or your users are just maxing out the bandwidth of the AP.

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Not really no, if a user with a weak MCS rate is using more data, they're using more frames to get that data to them. 

For example,

You are using a 20mhz channel, you have 30 people on it, all with perfect MCS 15.

You have approx 100Mb/s to share between those 30 people. 1 person using 30 meg is using 30%. 


You are using a 20mhz channel, you have 30 people on it, 10 are mcs 10, 10 are mcs 13, 10 are mcs 15.

One user at MCS 10 is using 30 meg, this would translate to 50/60% of frame usage (Roughly).

As the weaker clients use data they drag down your sector so there's less frames available for the high MCS people.

Get rid of the low MCS if you want to see faster speeds.