I have 4 ePMP2000. I ordered full, but apparently they are lites with an upgrade license. When I upgrade the firmware to 3.2.2 it loses the license and reverts back to a lite. I have one that I haven't upgraded the firmware on so it's still a full. I have a tower down with over 100 customers and need them all at a full. I need someone at Cambium to contact me ASAP. Last time I called support with this issue, he couldn't help me because I needed to contact my distributor, but I don't think it's their issue. This is Cambium's issue, so they should fix it.

So, now I tried uploading my configuration file to the one AP without upgrading the firmware first and it will not let me log in to the radio. It says "Wrong username or password" So I had to factory default it and now it is a lite.

Hi Cheree,

From which FW version have you performed upgrade to 3.2.2?
Do you have possibility to re-enter License Key on APs?
I'd like to recommend you to use 3.3 FW where several major issues have been fixed.

Thank you.