ePMP3000 BSA flylead connection


I noticed the markings on the BSA V and H  and the ePMP3000 V and H ports do not line up when assembling ( the flylead cables have to cross).  The instructions show the connection as "R to R" and "L to L" wihtout the cables crossing.

Can someone confirm the proper connection?



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The cables should be crossed.

Thank you.


Does this mean the BSA is now supported with ePMP 3000 in the latest firmware?

@Kyle Stone wrote:

Does this mean the BSA is now supported with ePMP 3000 in the latest firmware?

Not yet. We will announce officially when it will be supported.

Just if you are deploying ePMP3000 sector and planning to use BSA on it in future.

Thank you.

Que tal buenas a la fecha siendo 10 de abril del 2020 cambiun a publicado el firmware 4.5, en la cual nos indica que habilitan la opcion pata antena de bocina y omnidirecional como tanbien indica que por fin habilitan la ANTENA INTELIGENTE, pero como pueden apreciar en las imagenes sale desconectadao apagada... actualize mis otros ePMP3000 y sale lo mismo, quisiera me puedan ayudar a poder utilizar la antena inteligente...gracias

That message most likely means your BSA Smart Antenna is not connected properly.  Please double check that you have Horizontal connected to Horizontal, and that you have Vertical connected to Vertical.   H to H.   V to V.

Google Translate: Ese mensaje probablemente significa que su Antena Inteligente BSA no está conectada correctamente. Verifique que tenga Horizontal conectado a Horizontal y que tenga Vertical conectado a Vertical. H a H. V a V.