ePMP3000L Max Subscribers 120 or 64?

Hey all, one of our installers reported today that on one of our new 3000L APs, the max subscriber count was 64, whereas the other 2 he configured today had a max count of 120.  I'm curious as to what the "real" number is, IIRC it was 120 on the 2000 and 1000, so I'm thinking perhaps that info was cached in the browser when he logged into the other 2 APs.  Otherwise, one of our 3000Ls is limited to 64 SMs for some reason.  What do 3000L's officially support as the max subscriber count?

Update to 4.4.1 and then refresh the page and let us know what it is. I think there was talk of increasing it beyond 64 in newer firmware revisions.

For e2k it's max of 120 subs for 20/40MHz channel width (lower for smaller channel widths). For e3k it's a max of 120 subs for all channel widths.

The officially supported number is 64 subscribers.

Please also refer to the spec sheet for this and other key parameters:


Thanks for your answers.  These units were upgraded to 4.4.1-rc5 during initial configuration, which is when our installer noticed the subscriber count difference.  I asked him to go and take a second look, just in case it was a caching issue of some sort, but apparently some of the units were still displaying 120 SM max count.  It isn't an issue since we won't ever put 64 subscribers on one sector, but it is curious that they showed a different number despite being on the same firmware.

I assume if you reset the unit you should see 64 as maximum. It is just an issue of UI representation.



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Is it possible for the marketing department to add this on their brochures? I think it’s important to know how many subscribers are allowed. It helps with planning and cost recovery.