ePMP3000L with Force425


I have been away from ePMP for a while and now we are setting up new setup for new network and I just wanted to confirm before ordering.

We will have very few subscriber modules connected to one site. I was thinking using ePMP3000L with sector antenna and subscribers Force 425 with range extender. Is there any problem with this combination of equipment? I choose with range extender, as we would need any dB of gain we can get, harsh enviroments.
If we use 3 APs on one tower with 3000L, is there any problem? They have GPS sync and this is all I need I think?

Please, correct me if I am wrong, or I should change something.

Kind regards

Hi @AnzeZ,

as for now F400 supports ePTP and WLR modes. So you will be unable to use it in PMP mode.

Thank you for your input! I knew it was better to ask before ordering.

My next option would be Force 300-25? Does range extender fits the Force 300?

Thank you.

The F300-25 is not setup to use the range extender nor is it certified for it.
If you need higher gain, your best option is the Force300-CSM and a third party antenna, KPP makes awesome dish antennas, but are pricey compared to the RD-5g30.

For epmp3000L to CSM PTP links we opt for the KPP dishes simply due to the lower noise issues and better colocation performance but for customer side the RD-5g30 and RD-5g34 are viable options.

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Do not go for Force 300-25 under any circumstances
you better buy a gun and shoot yourself in the foot.
Range extender from force 425 is not compactable with force 300-25. I would like to know what it is about the cambium, hardware-compactable, starting with any bracket for the device, not to mention the antennas.
And why would it be, the very idea of a range extender speaks of the fact that the original antenna on the force 425 does not work properly, the illuminator is not optimized.
That antenna doesn’t work on Force 300-25 or Force 200-25(although this is one of their best SMs), but they don’t care.
Cambium has a policy of all the money you have or earn, give us to buy a new generator and you spend.

What’s wrong with the Force 300-25?

Ethernet you can’t trust. Goes to 100 Mbps goes to 10 Mbps stops transferring data.
It’s unfortunate that second generation gear like the Force 200-25 works perfectly. I dismantle the Force 300-25 and return the Force 200-25 because it really works.

I’ve got hundreds of 300-25 deployed and don’t have this problem. Only see 10Mbps if there is a bad crimp.


How many of them keep ethernet at 1000 Mbps? In the P2P concept, it is very important to get more than 100 Mbps, where the ethernet on the F300-25 goes down after two or ten days, as if all the code was written that it must work at 100 Mbps at all costs. 10 Mbps also happens, but rarely.
That means UTP CAT 7 with corresponding RJ 45 connectors. Everything was tested, even checked with an ohm meter to make sure the conductivity of each wire separately.
After a few days, ethernet works at 100 Mbps. device rebut needed and why?
You upgrade the P2P link from the f 200 which works flawlessly (the best SM that cambium ever released) with the F300. The normal sequence is copy/paste settings. There is nothing special about them, the most common bridge. Backward compactness/forward compactness was not said by me, but by experts from Cambium.
And of all that we only have pastes/pastes/pastes on the square of the problem.

We have 100’s in the field, and as a SM, we don’t see the type of Ethernet problems you report. We have essentially zero Ethernet issues on our F300’s as correct radios - and 1000 Mbit connections on all of them for years and years. :person_shrugging:


What surge suppressors are you using. Whenever we ground our F300-25’s with 30v cambium 1G suppressors the radio immediately negotiates to 100mbs on the ethernet port… Remove the ground and it stays at 1G, no problem.