epmp4600L after upgrade like 4600C and procedure for license experimental in europe

hi i have a problem: we buyed a epmp4600L for testing purposes but after upgrading firmware to 5.4.2 this is the firmware recognizes it like a 4600C.
I have checked back label on the radio and it says 4600L, but seems the firmware recognizes it as 4600C.

Can anyone help?
Problem on 4600C is that it cannot work as PtMP but only as PTP.

Hello @ik8jsv,

please submit a support ticket! “Raise ticket” in the top right of this page.
Our support engineer will help to sort it out. Probably it is some programming glitch and we will simply RMA it.

Are you POSITIVE it was a 4600L before the FW UG?
We had several mislabled 4600Ls that were actually 4600Cs, out of the box with No firmware UG.

Cambium did take care of us but it is Karma for having the exact same radio bogged down by pencil pushers.

Make the 4600Cs & 4625s PTMP and you will rule the world!


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Yeah, that’s pretty disheartening. They removed that feature in the 3000/300 series, only to eventually put it back in, only to now eventually take it back out in the 4000/400 series again.

Yep, if they are the same hardware, then having fewer SKUs to deal with would have a major savings for Cambium, for distributors, and for WISPs.

Cambium’s decision is just disheartening once more.