ePMPme Android app

Glad to see this as a separate.  :)

Figured I'd kick it off with info that's already elsewhere on the forum, but belongs here.

My ePMP configure/align Android app, available for download at http://epmpme.newkirk.us is currently updated and confirmed working with V3.3 firmware.

If you are interested in seeing how it works, or customizing it for your own use, I've also posted the source code and some comments on setting up the build environment at http://epmpme.newkirk.us/source.html

The app depends on a working Cordova build environment.  Cordova is primarily an Apache project.  It allows you to write an app entirely in HTML+javascript+css if desired, then compile that app for multiple target platforms.  (caveat - to build a Windows app you need a Windows build system, to build an iPhone app you'll need a Mac build system, etc - I've only built on Ubuntu with Android target)