ePSK - Multiple Pre-Shared Keys

Of course. 6.2-r14

Also, in “security” we have a parameter it isn’t in the manual:
“user pre-shared keys”. Should I use this one? How can i configure it with cnmaestro?
Immagine 2020-12-29 175015

edit: I got two 410 (same AP group/WLAN) and ePSK is working. With XV3 I ot a “wrong password”

ePSK shall be supported in upcoming software release (Release 6.3). If you would like to try and share feedback, I can share you software build.

Please email me at shashank.tadakamadla@cambiumnetworks.com.

Thank you for your quick answer.

I’ve sent you an email.

Have sent you an email.

Please do share feedback.

Thank You.


ePSK on XV3 with firmware 6.3 works as expected.

Thank you


Would be very usefull if can be setted the expiry date of a ePSK password.

For exemple set hours, or days, or week or month… until the expire date of the password and deleted it automatically.

It will be possible?

I have suggested that idea few months ago

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Hi Cambium.

Has any headway been made to stop disconnection of all users when a EPSK key gets added/removed ? I know this was a promised feature of cnMaestro X on the roadmap.My clients like the system a lot but I’d love the ability to not having to add/remove EPSK’s over weekends or late evenings to not disrupt the clients wifi.

This has been taken care of in our 6.3 release firmware for Wi-Fi 6 APs. cnPilot 4.x firmware still has the disconnect issue on epsk config change. In near future, we plan to support 6.x firmware for many of the cnPilot APs too, which will address the problem.


Hi Kunal thanks for the update.

Is there an update on this problem

Still not done? I think we discussed this in 2018.

Did a little testing with EPSK today…

Worked as I expected it too.

This will be the reason I tell the other vendor… “Gonna pass on myPSK.”

Yeah we’ve been pretty happy with the results.We use it mainly for BYOD and contractors for client and though it’s not as refined as my old Aerohive installs but for most of my clients it doesn’t really matter all that much.

Checking with Cambium support if you’ve made any headway into seamlessly updating ePSK keys on e410/e510 AP’s ? At present have to schedule updating users/keys during non prod hours still.

My main use case is management in bars and restaurants. Typical staff are more or less members of the guest network. With managers issued a DPSK from the local Ruckus controller.

Managers need access to things like the Point of Sales, automation and access systems.

When you fire a person… A quick log in, to delete the key, and no worries of the former employee getting back into the system.

I can deal with a brief disconnect. But yes it is seamless on Ruckus.

we built a solution that leverages WiFi d/M/P/I/e PSKs (whatever vendors are calling them) to easily manage WiFi access in MDU scenarios. We are finalizing integration with Cambium as I am writing.

Let me know if this might be of your interest. I appreciate receiving feedbacks!

Are there any known issues, problems with ePSK feature with XV2-2 APs? Dose anyone have any problem when deploying with ePSK?
We are thinking implementing XV2-2 with ePSK for coworking offices.


I have been really happy with EPSK in testing at home and office. It fits perfectly in what I want to step up too.

Just waiting for that firmware release this/next month. Once I get past vetting… I have a bunch of jobs clamoring for their networks.

Was grinding my teeth on today’s install. Had to Go with Ruckus as I couldn’t hold up delivery any longer.

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Integration completed!
the dashboard allows MSPs and/or property managers to provision new User. Each one of them will be assigned automatically a VLAN in order to isolate his clients, regardless of the AP they are connected to in a property.
The user is able to change his PSK form a portal where he can access with a passwordless process.
Users are activated automatically on a specific date and de-activated automatically on a pre-defined date.

Let me know your feedback!

Max 2000 Users / ePSKs.

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