eptp having issues

I set up a ptp link with the force 110 gear and set it to eptp. on the far end its connected to an access point and it continues to lose connection. The frequency is clear. Should i have it set to ptp TDD? i got 1 customer connected to the far AP at the end of the ptp link and his connection works for 10 minutes then doesnt come back on until i reboot the ptp slave side. any help would be greatly appreciated.

What firmware are you running on the ePMP radios?


I would try TDD PTP to see if it solves your problem.  If so, contact support and get the issue fixed so you can go back to ePTP (which is better in every way unless you have to sync).

Yeah, like jluthman said, try TDD-PTP... you can use 2.5ms and flexible frames to get the lowest latency, otherwise, try the 3.0RC27 beta that has some improvements to ePTP that might help your situation.

i set it to TDD ptp and it connected for a minute then disconnected again. im going to try updating the firmware.

updated the firmware. links running solid and its getting a better signal too. been going for 7hours no issues. will let you all know how its going in the am. im impresses with the firmware.

link is running perfect. its amazing how much of a difference firmware makes.. I do have one question though, before i updated the firmware while it wasnt connected, it was saying the transmitter output power was off. came on after firmware update.