ePTP Speed


using ePMP 1000 on multipoint on 40MHz I can reach, at MCS15, an aggregate speed of 230Mbps in ideal conditions.

In ePTP, which is the maximum aggregate speed I can reach?

My tests showed a max speed of 97Mbps aggregate (single direction test) on ePTP 20MHz. Same channel on PTMP I can reach about 113Mbps aggregate.

If I do a test in both direction I can reach 58+58 using 20MHz channel which is 116Mbps, but why can't I have the same speed on single direction?


I would like to have a link which can make 230Mbps if used for 100% download, or 230Mbps if used for 100% upload. Is it possible?

My tests are in a real world environment, but very, very, very clean spectrum (-92 noise floor)!

Thank you!

As far as I know you can have +200 mbps  one way using tdd in flexible mode on a very perfect and clean environment . ePTP mode is much more better  jitter and lattency (and based on my experience it is stronger agaist noise) indeed but is a 50/50 scenario, hence all you can expect out of it is 110 mbps one way on 40mhz very clean channel. 

Are you seeing your CPU load maxed out?  Check /tool profile and make sure one of the cores isn't 100% (I believe one btest is one ps and consequently limited to one core).

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