Equipment electric remote control

What do you use to control remotely the electricity for your equipment?
If some ePMP/PMP/Other crashes and requires a physical reboot, how do you achieve that without going to the site?

Almost any Mikrotik PoE enabled router would allow you to monitor voltage/consumption per port as well as turn on/off/power-cycle devices.

Netonix switches also do the trick. They can force power-cycles on the PoE ports based on ping watchdogs. You can even define a power-off schedule in order of priorize waht devices must keep on going when your batteries are running out, turning off the rest.

I have used to great avail Teracom devices; basically an embedded controller with an Ethernet or GSM port that can help you testing the voltage of your batteries and throw a couple of relays. Cheap and easy to get in Europe, no idea ROW.

I didn’t have good experience with PoE switches due to high cost or low power with lower cost. I would like to have something like remote controlled electrical ports which I can control and monitor singularly.
Any idea about some solution that doesn’t cost too much?

Teracom looks good but I would like something more ready to use.

We've got a few dozen of these, with VERY good results..

For AC power sites =
For DC power sites =

So, they plug into your network / switch with an ethernet cable, and they have an IP address, and you can log into them remoted to turn ports on/off, plus they can be set to reboot (cycle) the power to each outlet depending on script conditions....   so that's typically a ping/reboot condition.  So, if an AP isn't pingable, then power cycle that outlet.

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That’s exactly what I’m searching for, but are they US only? I’m in EU.

The AC model is US 110-120v standard, the other depends on DC input and controls the DC outputs so is more or less universal.  (I've used a couple of their single-toggle AC 4-outlet relay devices at home, nice solid construction and responsive company)

For our ePMP APs, we use about 50% Cambium CMMs and 50% PacketFlux SyncInjectors, with their SiteMonitor devices in control so we can toggle ports, reset protection circuits, etc over the network.  (the remaining handful are outliers with a single AP powered by its included POE brick)  The latest released Sync Injector supports dual voltages, and configurable pinouts (Canopy, ePMP, PMP320, UBNT, etc) per port, but only passive - not 802.3af.  They also provide sync (assuming a GPS SyncPipe is attached) and current draw monitoring per-port.



HP 2600-8-PWR switch