Equipment needed ASAP - Fire damage

Located in Southern CA, we lost our biggest AP site and need the following equipment.

All below p10 boards

5.2ghz AP - 2
5.7ghz 10 meg bh - 2
5.7ghz 20 meg bh - 1

If you have extras and would like to sell please contact me ASAP via phone.


I have a brand new 5.2 AP P9 that’s connectorized.

too bad…

i got only P9 5700APs.

anyone thats interested in the fire damage we have videos and pictures hosted at

This is one of our main sites located on a residential property.

Unfortunately I have no P10, only P9 also.

Man, I’m sorry about the troubles you’re having. That’s terrible. Hopefully things will get better for you guys soon. The pictures are really telling.

OMG…Thanks for the pictures

Lastmile Gear should have anything you need

I am really sorry for your loss.

I just got back from vacationing in LA a few days ago and I told my wife that I was sure some other provider might get affected by all the fires in the area.

I’m sad to see you were part of that.